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Stone Polishing

Restore the original beauty and shine of your stone

Stone Cleaning

Effectively remove built up dirt, grit and grime

Stone Sealing

Long-term protection for your valuable stone

Stone Honing

Customize the look of your surfaces

Stone Resurfacing

Recreate the original beauty of your valuable surfaces

Stone Scratch Removal

Remove unsightly scratches and surface damage

Concrete Cleaning


If your concrete surface has suffered extensive damage, StoneMaster® provide a full concrete flooring renewal service whereby we grind the surface down by three to five grades with diamond discs, once the correct grade has been achieved we will polish the surface to any desired finish.

Concrete renewal requires a thorough understanding of the materials properties and is a job for professionally trained technicians. We offer services to both private and commercial clients with our client base ranging from small houses to large shopping complexes. Hotels, hospitals, bars, medical centres, offices and a variety of other businesses call upon our expertise when needing assistance with their resurfacing, cleaning, polishing, honing and sealing requirements.

Give us a call on 0478 085 801 and allow us to take care of everything, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service can assist you with your questions and bookings. StoneMaster® concrete renewal service is available .

StoneMaster® concrete polishing provides a fast and inexpensive method of grinding and polishing pre-existing concrete surfaces with diamond sharp disks to create smooth attractive and highly durable flooring. Concrete polished floors are rapidly gaining in popularity in the flooring industry for a cool contemporary look, while being at the same time exceptionally hard wearing and low maintenance.

Concrete is the most widely used construction material. Recently the perception of concrete surfaces has completely changed, going from being considered a less than attractive flooring option used in warehouses or industrial areas, to a widely used, highly polished material that is attractive, versatile and at the same time a great sustainable flooring option. With concrete polishing, you can achieve stunning finishes that are becoming increasingly more popular in both commercial premises and private homes alike.

Even with routine cleaning and maintenance, concrete flooring will eventually begin to lose its pristine look. If a standard clean is not enough to make your stone flooring look as perfect as the day it was installed, its time for a concrete restoration. StoneMaster® provide a superior concrete restoration service, removing scratches, stains and marks to create a smooth reflective surface. StoneMaster® use only the latest state-of-the-art equipment to bring out the best of your valued stone surfaces.

Our extensive, thorough and professional processes and by utilising unique, leading edge equipment is what makes StoneMaster® distinct. StoneMaster® incorporates the highest standard equipment available with unique wash, scrub and dry technology. StoneMaster® prides itself on being environmentally conscious, using less water, less power, chemicals and detergents than other cleaning methods.

Call us now for your free quote, or enquire with us online and we will call you back as soon as we can. Feel free to call us any time on 0478 085 801, at StoneMaster® we provide our services after hours for your convenience.

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When measuring more complex shapes it is best to divide them into separate rectangles and then add them together to get a total area.

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