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Stone Polishing

Restore the original beauty and shine of your stone

Stone Cleaning

Effectively remove built up dirt, grit and grime

Stone Sealing

Long-term protection for your valuable stone

Stone Honing

Customize the look of your surfaces

Stone Resurfacing

Recreate the original beauty of your valuable surfaces

Stone Scratch Removal

Remove unsightly scratches and surface damage

Bluestone Sealing

bluestone sealing

Your bluestone surfaces once professionally sealed by StoneMaster® technicians will maintain their character for longer, while also reduce the amount of required regular cleaning. Your bluestone flooring will retain its longevity and save you money.

deepshield surface

Bluestone, a fairly delicate variety of natural stone is made up of millions of tiny pores that absorb liquids, oils and grime resulting from spillages and everyday wear and tear causing the bluestone to prematurely fatigue leaving entire areas looking lacklustre, worn and deteriorated. Common examples of deterioration include; weathering, loss of strength, efflorescence, salt attack, freeze-thaw spalling, sulphate attack, alkali aggregate reaction, unsightly staining, biological attack, reinforcement rusting, chemical attack, swelling, thermal conductivity, embrittlement and picture framing. Sealing will help eliminate or significantly reduce most of these problems.

bluestone tile sample flamed black grout

Bluestone can easily be stained from everyday spills of coffee, soft drinks and other substances, be soiled from foot traffic carrying sand, dirt and grime which can act like sandpaper. Sealing your bluestone creates a durable protective barrier within the stones surface that helps prevent staining. A popular and preferred proven sealer is Australian made Deepshield® Transparent Penetrating Sealer, an impregnating water based sealant that is highly durable, provides better non-slip properties and offers superior resistance against blemishes, with Deepshield® Gold lasting for up to 15 years. Deepshield®, offers long term benefits and peace of mind.

deepshield gold breathe bluestone

Bluestone is a stylish and sophisticated material growing in popularity. Bluestone is used indoors and is also becoming far more widely used in outdoor areas. StoneMaster® experts can strip, clean, seal, polish, hone or resurface your bluestone. Give us a call on 0478 085 801 and allow us to take care of everything, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service can assist you with your questions and bookings.

deepshield moisture bluestone

Natural stone can sometimes appear to have a lacklustre appearance, so certain sealants have been engineered to enhance the natural colour of the stone or create a glossy shine; Deepshield® Colour Enhancing Penetrating Sealer is the preferred choice of StoneMaster® which slightly darkens and highlights the character of your stone.

bluestone stone floor tile sample white grout

StoneMaster® are Australia's leading premium floor care specialists. StoneMaster® are the experts in carrying out all of your quality stone restoration, floor sealing as well as minor stone repairs. Our experienced technicians combine years of floor care know-how to provide one the country's highest quality services .

deepshield gold generic bluestone

Installing natural stone surfaces in your home or business is an investment, the look and feel of these beautiful natural products has the ability to completely transform the mood and dynamic of any space with many types of material holding their value and often increasing a properties value.

It is important to consider and highly advisable to seal your surfaces using a quality, deep impregnating water based sealer, such as Deepshield® Transparent Penetrating Sealer which wont affect the stones slip resistance or appearance.

bluestone tiles outdoor patio rusty color

All natural stone is porous to various degrees and susceptible to scratching, stains and fracturing. Most natural surfaces also need to breathe and not be coated with synthetic sealer's or urethane. StoneMaster® provide the best solutions, protecting your floors by using highly penetrating, impregnating sealer's.

StoneMaster® protects your bluestone using the highest quality impregnating penetrating sealer's which allows your natural stone to breathe freely and at the same time, provide the highest quality protection against staining. Deepshield™ Transparent Penetrating Sealer, is a proven Australian made quality water-based sealer meaning you can rest assured absolutely no toxic chemicals or any other hazardous substances are used which can be detrimental to you, your family and your pets. The high quality products that we provide vary according to your specific requirements.

Call us now for your free quote, or enquire with us online and we will call you back as soon as we can. Feel free to call us any time on 0478 085 801, at StoneMaster® we provide our services after hours for your convenience.

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